Energy For the Future

In eastern India's largest fully integrated cable company, we focus on energy and let it flow for the betterment of the people & environment


The concentration on vitality reinforces energy efficiency and encourages reducing cost by promoting renewable green energy


The strong pulse within the greater Mescab family are infused inside the cables and wires that reflects in its upward growth chart


The flow of energy within the fully integrated workflow at Mescab are evident - starting from raw materials to the finished product

Mescab Wires & Cables

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The Key Features

Why Mescab?

Product Innovations

Advanced Manufacturing

Quality Monitoring

Professional Management

Business Sustainability

Environment Friendly

Our Pillars of Strength

Continuously upgrading to latest techniques to keep re-energizing the present, that redefines the future.

Sourcing the best available raw material amalgamated with hard work to produce world class energy conductors.

In order to work wonders, our Human expertise and experience is the real driving force behind everything we produce.

Customers, employees and society at large energizes our corporate transparency and our business decisions are linked with ethical values.

Our Vision & Mission

To be the leading wires and cables makers in global marketplace, providing responsive, innovative and inspiring solutions to the society.

Our Philosophy

  • Adhere to continuous growth
  • Support our unit holders' interest
  • Build an ideal distribution and return system
  • Optimize the performance by nurturing talent
  • Contribute to the environment with responsible and efficient use of energy

The Founder's Message

Energy Consumption

To maximize energy efficiency and lower consumer expenditure

Safety & Durability

Take up load fluctuations in varying voltage situations and lasts long

Eco Friendliness

A holistic approach towards protecting the society and the environment

Consumer Satisfaction

Happy and satisfied consumers across industries and homeowners

Let the LED revolution make your lifestyle smarter

Mescab LED is much more than merely lighting. It has high standards regarding saving, and sustainability. That's why people are turning to LED with a sense of confidence and urgency.

Smart Saving with energy efficiency

Smart Lifestyle with high aesthetic value

Smart Environment with green technology

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