Tips for LED Lighting in the Kitchen

Evolved from the past, kitchen has now become a passionate workstation for many and the most functional part of the house. So, it is important to design the space very carefully, especially when it is about the lighting.

Smart Guide for Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are increasingly becoming a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. More than just using it for the basic functionality, a bathroom ease your wake-up transition, assist you in grooming routine and elevates your mood to get going for the whole day. It now comes complete with a spa tub, automated steam shower and it is surely incomplete without a prolific lighting design.

Lighting Decor with LED Strips

LED strips are the lengthy light vision that enlightens room, garden-areas, shadowy edges and the little hidden corners of a living space with a soothing glow. These are the glow lamps of every shady corner and scatter a soothing charm across the ambience. They can be used in multi-shades for various spaces.

Reality of LED Lights and its Effect of Indian Economy

Indian economy statistics is heralding on the path of gaining pollution free, energy efficient LED lighting on to the edifice of Indian lifestyle. Indian Government has planned to replace 77 crore bulbs and 3.5 crore street-lights from Indian scenario with LED lighting.

5 types of LEDs to know about

LEDs- A LIT INTRODUCTION: The word LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It can be defined as a semiconducting device that converts electricity into light. In the present day when we are all trying our best to save the various sources of energy and save our environment, the evolution of LEDs appear to be a life saver. This is because they are an energy efficient mode of electricity that lights up your environment in addition to saving a lot of electricity. A much needed salvation for the light industry indeed!