Smart Guide for Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are increasingly becoming a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. More than just using it for the basic functionality, a bathroom ease your wake-up transition, assist you in grooming routine and elevates your mood to get going for the whole day. It now comes complete with a spa tub, automated steam shower and it is surely incomplete without a prolific lighting design.

Typically single fixture lighting is not enough to illuminate your bathroom. You need to plan the bathroom design; it has to be in compliance with the decor of the entire house. Also one must choose the bathroom hardware carefully and planned. Both the hardware fixture and layered lighting design should complement each other at their best to ring out the best of that room.

  • Task lighting is best suited beside the mirror. It will minimize shadows on your face.
  • Nicely fitted recess light makes the bathroom clean. Best to place them closer to the mirror to get the utmost lighting coverage.
  • Decorative lights enhance the coverage of lights. Coordinate the materials and finish of your decorative lighting with the hardware in the bathroom.
  • Dimmable LED lights will allow your eyes to adjust first thing in the morning. It will also help you wind down at night.

In modern days, lights are not anymore just a fixture; it is a design element, favourite to the interior designers and homeowners as well. You’ll find decorative elements, cabinets integrated with LED lights, built-in dimmable LED lights that can change your mood from soothing cool hues to refreshing warm tones.

"Master bathrooms are retreats where you go to relax, revive your spirits, and refresh yourself," says famous lighting design expert Blackburn. Few little tips that can minimize the glare and shadowy flaws, bringing out the best of your luxurious bathroom:

Side Lights: Having lights beside the mirror minimizes the shadow fall on your face. If you have a mirror placed at the centre, above the sink, you may mount a LED fixture a few inches to the right and left to the mirror. Place it closer to our facial contour, where the bottom of the lamp shade should balance your eye level. In case, your mirror extends the width of your vanity, you can choose to the fix the lights on the mirror itself. This type of LED lighting is perfect for routine grooming and getting ready for special occasions.

Overhead Lights: Side lights are good for reducing the shadow fall, but in case you don’t have that accommodation, you can easily opt for a fixture over the head, at least 78 inches above the vanity mirror. This particular light must be bright enough to evenly spread around your face.

On the Mirror: If you have decided to mount a LED fixture on the mirror, you must be sure of keeping the back portion to have a nice finish. It will be reflected in the mirror as beautifully as the bright illumination of the LED lights itself. This will enhance clean and sleek look of the bathroom.

Put together, these elements and the bright illumination of LED lights can give a newer dimension to how you imagine your bathroom to be.