Tips for LED Lighting in the Kitchen

LED lights are such an illuminating component that can alone bring out the brightest essence of the house. It can even create a dramatic impact upon a vacant interior space, enhance the overall appearance and make it look bolder or more elegant, depending upon the personality of the one residing in the house.

Every wall of a room, painted with the same shade, may look different with proper choice and placement of lights. You must carefully choose the lights so as to compliment the walls or some specific area like the stairwell or some unoccupied space. The interior colour scheme of a house may look different, varying from day to night and from occasion to seasons. Typical socket fits, to recess lights or some decorative light piece, LED lights lighten up the surrounding atmosphere in different ways, flickering through different colour spectrum.

Perfectly planned logistics always is the best way to plan the interior, including the lighting design of your dream home. Everything must be in sync with the interior and the style of your house. The interior design professionals extensively use LED lights in high class hotels, restaurants as well as for residential designs.

Evolved from the past, kitchen has now become a passionate workstation for many and the most functional part of the house. So, it is important to design the space very carefully, especially when it is about the lighting.

Kitchen often reflects the personality of the house and people residing in it. It looks the best when properly functions under perfect lighting. This involve something more than just a fashionable fixtures, a well planned design unifies lighting with the other elements such as the ceiling height, surface finish, source of natural lighting as well as decorative and architectural details of the room.

In spite of being the heart of the house, often the kitchen lighting is taken to be the last thing to consider and the first thing to compromise while cutting down from budget. Not only from the designing and functional aspect, lights must be chosen keeping the cost effectiveness in mind as well. Entailing all the aspects, LED is taken to be the most suitable choice of light, illuminating the contemporary kitchen styles.

Modern and the most comprehensive lighting solution for the kitchen is not complex rather is layered in 4 types of lights namely, general/ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and some additional decorative fixtures. Put together, these lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere around that make cooking and eating space look livelier.

General/ Ambient Lighting: One common mistake often done by people is to light the kitchen with a single lighting fixture centred at the ceiling. Instead, ambient LED lights focusing directly on the walkways, sinks, cook tops and preparation areas are a better choice for brightening the kitchen. Atop that, general / ambient lights softens the shadow lines of people around the kitchen, creating a warm inviting ambience, while taking a bite on the appetizer or sipping some drink over the kitchen island.

Task Lighting: Being an important workstation of the house, task lights play a significant role in preparing food at the kitchen counter and the overall lighting of the house. The key locations for fitting a LED task light underneath the cabinets, over the kitchen top to smoothen the work flow. The pantry is another place to have bright and focused LED task light.

Accent Lighting: Accent lights enhance the depth and dimension of the kitchen. This type of lighting includes LED fixtures inside the glass-front cabinets to beautify the exquisite collection of crockery and other proud possessions of the kitchen.

Decorative Lighting: Chandelier, hanging pendant lights and other decorative LED fixtures gives an additional spark to the kitchen. However it must be proportionately balanced with the size and space and add a newer dimension to the kitchen.

Smart homes and LED lights, both are the parts of the future. The smart LED lighting system is highly controllable through centrally computerized keypad. A large number of preset scenes can change the definition of the house, be it the bedroom, living room or the kitchen. Because type of task to be performed in the kitchen varies from cutting veggies, cleaning the surface to cooking and baking different delicacies, dimmers or the controllable LED lights have significant role to play in here. You can adjust the lighting depending on the task type; bright lights for cooking and medium to low brightness for cleaning the counter or create a warm ambience for dinner.

In spite of having the smartest lighting solution in hand, we must not underestimate the importance of natural lighting. Sometimes properly placed recessed and task lights compliments the natural light source perfectly.

Perfection in terms of brightness, decorative illumination, longevity and cost effectiveness is thus synonymous to LED lighting, be it for a specific room and the entire house.